Samba is our golden retriever, much loved and a constant companion on our walks around Braithwaite and Keswick. She is now ten years old, and on April 29th 2002 gave birth to six pups, one of which, Sophie, we have kept as a companion for her.

Here are some pictures of the pups as they negotiated the first few weeks of their life.

Be warned: many of these pictures take a long time to load! Just be patient - they're well worth the wait...

This was on the first day, Samba having trotted out of the vets' one hour after a caesarean operation!

Day 3. The pups doubled in weight on the first day!

Day 5

Day 7. Quite a squash now....

Here's the proud mum with little Sophie, the only female in the litter.

Day 11. Now 4 times their birth weight, but still with their eyes closed.

Day 21. Eyes and ears open, out in the garden for the first time.

Week 5: 16 times their birth weight, and getting to be quite a handful...

This is at seven weeks: the whole tribe with proud Mum and friends and family

Playing in the garden; eight weeks old now, and about to go to their new owners.

This is Samba with little Sophie, who is staying with us.

And here is Sophie, at 5 months, playing with Mum. Hardly a pup any more....

and at 6 months. No, she isn't bigger than Mum, that's just how the picture came out!

End of story...

(Well, not quite! Samba and Sophie now roam the Lakes together - here are some pictures).

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© P. G. R. Rigg