Lake District walks - Great Wood

Great Wood is about a mile down the Borrowdale Road from Keswick, above Calf Close Bay. Its large car park is often used by walkers aiming for Ashness, Walla Crag and perhaps Watendlath and upper Borrowdale.

Three views of Derwentwater through the trees of Great Wood, one in winter, another as green is re-appearing, and the third in autumn

Walla Crag seen through the larches of Great Wood, in early spring.

and in autumn.

We had a Big Storm in January 2005, with floods in Keswick (and, more publicised, in Carlisle). The Keswick floods had the effect of connecting the two lakes Derwentwater and Bassenthwaite into one continuous stretch of water - but only for a matter of hours. This was the picture two days later - and roughly the same view a few months earlier.

Here is the southern end of Derwentwater on the same day, compared with a more normal day.

The debris in the foreground of this picture shows how high the lake rose that night.

The floods were a short-term problem, but we are still suffering from the 100mph gusts of wind during that night, which uprooted or destroyed an estimated 1 million trees throughout Cumbria, quite a few of them in Great Wood! This was after the National Trust had closed the upper wood during most of the previous summer for tree-felling operations...

Have you ever seen a tree trunk like this? The day after the storm, it was about 20ft higher, and the whole length was corkscrewed like this.

These were not small trees!

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