Nurture Lakeland is a not for profit organisation that works with Lakeland tourism and related businesses, encouraging both fundraising for landscape conservation, and the development of environmentally sustainable practices within the industry.

We at Highbridge Cottages are working with Nurture Lakeland on a long-term project to protect the Osprey.

In 2001 Ospreys made a momentous return to the Lake District, making Bassenthwaite Lake home to the only naturally occurring colony of Ospreys in England.

These magnificent birds, Osprey on her nest which have made their home within two miles of the cottages, are one of only two breeding pairs in England as they were hunted almost to extinction by the Victorians, who resented their feeding on game fisheries.  The fact that Ospreys have now returned to Whinlatter, producing two and sometimes three chicks each year, Osprey chicks on the nestis not only a testament to the improved water quality of Bassenthwaite Lake, but also indicates that these creatures are increasing in numbers.  With numbers still dangerously low however, 24 hour protection is needed for the nest at Whinlatter, as the illegal practice of egg poaching is a real threat.  Volunteers 'man' watch stations continuously throughout the summer while the pair are in residence.

For more information on Ospreys in the Lake District go to .    (For this, you need Javascript enabled). 

Donations are much needed to help fund the protection of these birds.  As part of our contribution we are asking all our cottage guests to donate 2 per person per week to the Osprey project.  We match our guests' donations.